Thank you for your interest in becoming a private money investor!

Private money lending, also known as hard money, not only helps those in financial need, but can also be a relatively low-risk, high-yield way to invest your money.  

Welcome to the Family

Why work with us?

Our clients choose to work with us because of the personalized approach we take to solving their business and financial investment needs.



Our custom "whole note investing" solutions and one-on-one service is a coupled with full transparency throughout the investment selection process to ensure our clients feel comfortable with decisions they make and the risks and rewards associated.



We extend full transparency to our investors; you receive a loan overview providing all the necessary background information relative to the loan rate and terms, and subject property used as collateral, to help you make an informed decision.



At Flynn Family Lending, we treat you as part of our family, which means we will treat your investments as if they were our own as well. You'll have a team of experts helping you every step of the way.


Understanding your Investment.

Our investors enjoy private money lending to diversify their financial portfolio for a number of reasons. Of course, the high returns are attractive, but they also prefer the low-level of involvement required.


Unlike real estate investing which can require a fair amount of industry and market knowledge (and time!) in order to maximize profits, private money lending is a more passive way to invest your money because you don’t have to be a landlord, manage “fix and flip” projects, or hold real estate for long periods of time to realize solid returns.


Our real-estate backed notes typically range from 6-10 months, and renewals are at the discretion of the lender. This short-term arrangement gives your investments similar liquidity as CDs but with much better interest rates!

A few benefits we provide our clients:
• Dedicated escrow attorney and trustee who prepares and reviews all our loan documents to ensure utmost security and protection for our client’s investments. 

•  “Whole note” investments: Individually named as Lender on the Note and Deed of Trust giving you full control over the deal. You get to pick your own deals based on your own risk tolerance, size of loan, and other investment criteria you select. 

•  Low/conservative LTVs (typically between 65-70%) for a substantial equity buffer in case something goes wrong with the loan.

•  Loan servicing support from Evergreen Note Servicing – if you ever miss a payment or have any issues, we will help take care of it for you. 

•  Title insurance (lender’s policy) and hazard property insurance binder on behalf of the Lender gives more protection for your investment.

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