Lending Simplified

For nearly 20 years, we've helped our clients achieve their personal and financial goals through private money loans.

We use private money to fund our loans. This means we can help a wide variety of clients when traditional lenders can't.

Below are just a few examples of our satisfied clients over the years.


2nd Position Loan


When Mr. Evanson went to find conventional financing to purchase an investment property in Eastern Washington, he was surprised to find he no longer qualified despite perfect credit and a high net worth. As a retiree on a fixed income, his debt-to-income ratio (DTI) was too high despite owning two properties with very little debt. He reached out to Flynn Family Lending to obtain a bridge loan in 2nd position behind a conventional 1st mortgage to purchase a property with the intentions of paying off the loan after one of his properties sold.

Modern Apartment Block

Down Payment Assistance


Mr. Leeson wanted to grow his real estate investment portfolio but was short on cash to fund a down payment. In order to secure an off market deal he found through family, he reached out to Flynn Family Lending to use equity in his rental property to obtain a large enough loan to pay for his down payment and some of the rehab costs on the acquired property. After improvements were made, Mr. Leeson raised the rents and then sought out a conventional refinance.


Small Business Seed Capital


Mrs. Wanfield needed a short-term loan to complete some tenant improvement (TI) work on the commercial space she was renting for her day spa business. She and her husband didn’t want to wait out the long underwriting timelines for a small business loan and decided to obtain a real-estate backed loan with Flynn Family Lending using their rental property which they owned free and clear. We were able to fund her loan in less than a week.

Red Roof


Shifter Family Estate

When the matriarch of the Shifter family passed away, she left to her heirs a charming but dated home in Shoreline which needed some updates to achieve top market value. While the house could have been sold as-is, the Personal Representative of the estate chose to obtain a short-term rehab loan with Flynn Family Lending in order to update the kitchen, bathrooms, flooring and paint throughout yielding a much higher return for the estate when it was sold.

Window Installation

Construction Loan

Blackford Homes Inc.

When the owner of Blackford Homes had difficulty funding the excavation, utilities and ground work for his new 12 home development east of Seattle, he came to Flynn Family Lending for some creative lending options. Rather than provide one large lump construction loan where he would pay interest on the entire amount for the duration of the project, we provided him with several smaller loans using his rental property and the project parcel as collateral. This structure helped the owner avoid high interest on money he wasn’t using yet.


Bridge Loan on Investment Property

Pure Air Systems Inc.

The owner of Pure Air Systems Inc. found his dream investment property in January of 2018 but couldn’t qualify for conventional financing because his business taxes for the previous year had not been filed yet. Rather than give up on the property, he reached out to Flynn Family Lending for a bridge loan to purchase the property. He purchased the property as a business asset under his corporation to conform with our business and commercial lending programs. After his taxes were filed, Mr. Hunt was able to refinance conventionally and deed the property over to himself personally.